Week 5 AEPI Fantasy Football Recap


  1. Siegel Bros (5-0) 126.68 vs. Nick/Shappy (4-1) 109.00

Week 5 was the first week of this fantasy football season that saw a very important matchup that would determine who is at the top of the standings. This is a Siegel world, and we’re just living in it. Besides¬†the poor grammar, the Siegel Bros are dominating all aspects of life. Josh is crushing PwC, Jesse is crushing bitches, and recently was selected to represent our fraternity on the floor at THON. Now they are crushing fantasy football. Absolute heroism. There was nothing Nick and Shappy could have done here. Devonta Freeman with another big week. DeAndre Hopkins is a target monster in a shitty Houston Texans offense. I don’t see any signs of letting up from the Siegels here.

siegelgiphy (1)

2. Boltuch/Schefkind (2-3) 125.82 vs. Tom is a God (3-2) 133.10

Philip Rivers goes all Philip Rivers on Monday Night football and Melvin Gordon just does enough to give Feldman and Spo the victory over Boltuch/Schefkind. Feldman and Spo needed a combined 23 points from Rivers and Gordon on Monday Night and they got 31. Boltuch/Schefkind would have liked to have this one as they head into Manalapan, a familiar territory for Schefkind, next week against he undefeated Siegel Bros.

Tomgiphy (2)

3. Jonesin’ for Cobbler (2-3) 68.44 vs. Conglomerate (3-2) 101.12

Breaking News: We have a pending trade between Bmay/Freeman and Corey/Kasan. Another sub 70 point week and injuries have Bmay and Freeman rushing to make changes. Bmay/Freeman will send Jarvis Landry to Altman/Kasan for Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell pending a commissioner review. The Conglomerate didn’t really have a good week either, but they caught Bmay and Freeman in a little bit of a spell. The usual sports savy couple are looking for Chris Ivory to add a spark this team. Bmay certainly thinks Ivory will be a star.

bmaygiphy (3)

4. Oysters Clams Cockles (3-2) 143.42 vs. Josh’s Okay Team (2-3) 103.62

That’s a two game win streak for team Glauser/Deming as they tell Uey and Bernie to eat 40 cockles this week in a 40 point victory. Glauser and Deming put up the most points in the league this week in an impressive 143 point week. Team CPA was led by great weeks from Arob, Bradford, Forsett, Dion Lewis, and Cooks. Just an all around team effort. They look to continue their win streak against Mitchell/Grossman.


5. LehrerStig (1-4) 124.26 vs. BringBackChefRich (2-3) 102.74

Wowwwww. First win of the season for the LehrerStig. An embarrassing defeat by Mitchell/Grossman who are now spiraling into a 3 game losing streak. This matchup had comedy show implications as AK/Jones now have sole possession of last place after a loss to Altman/Kasan. Good to see you Andre Johnson, Frank Gore and Antonio Gates. LehrerStig is riding high after their first victory of the season.

lehrerstiggiphy (4)


6. T.Y. Milton (3-2) 133.94 vs. Free Brady (0-5) 92.00

For the second straight week, T.Y. Milton is the winner of the Toyota Biggest Blowout of the Week. Now on a 3 game win streak, the defending champs are in a rhythm. Ever since the return of first round pick, Leveon Bell, Altman/Kasan have been clicking. Now with the recent acquisition of Jarvis Landry, their WR core is set. Led by Rodgers and Bell, T.Y. Milton will be a tough beat every week. Ak/Jones are already starting to plan for next year and might have to start planning their comedy show routine as well.

giphy (5)giphy (6)