NBA Preview and Predictions

Basketball preseason has started and Vegas has come out with their over/under win totals for each team this year.  Based on their numbers, here are what the standings would be in the East and West.  With Durant out for 6-8 weeks, the Thunder over/under win total is going to change.

East                                                  West:

1. Cavs                                                   1. Spurs

2. Bulls                                                  2. Thunder

3. Wizards                                            3. Clippers

4. Raptors                                             4. Warriors

5. Hornets                                             5. Rockets

6. Heat                                                  6. Mavericks

7. Hawks                                               7. Trail Blazers

8. Nets                                                  8. Grizzlies


The East this year will be dominated by the Cavs and the Bulls who will be in a foot race for the top seed heading into the playoffs in the East.  Both teams went out this offseason and improved tremendously in free agency, in the draft, and have gotten healthy.  The Cavs look scary on paper.  Lebron basically got a younger and more athletic big 3 in Cleveland.  Kyrie is a better scorer and finisher, especially in transition, then Wade is.  He can take the ball to the basket strong and can pull up from 3, which is something that Wade lacked.  K. Love is a perfect compliment to Lebron and Kyrie.  He can rebound better than Bosh and play the pick and roll better.  You can’t sleep on Varajeo and Waiters either, as both can put up double digits any given game.  King James is happy about his team and looking forward to winning another title, this time for his hometown of Cleveland.

lebron smiling

Former MVP Derrick Rose is healthy and back in action for the Bulls for the start of the season.  I think Drose will never be the same as his was his MVP year after having multiple knee surgeries.  However, its not just the return of Drose that has Chicago excited about their team this year.  The Bulls went out this offseason and signed Pau Gasol and drafted scoring big man Doug McDermott from Creighton.  The Pau/Joakim frontcourt combination could be a nightmare for defenses.  Two big man who know how to pass the ball and have good footwork in the paint will result in a lot of easy buckets for the Bulls this season.  Also Jimmy Butler is coming off of a career year and should keep improving.

drose sick layup

Thats just sick^

I don’t see any teams in the East competing with the Bulls or Cavs come playoff time.  The Wizards have a young, talented team and had a solid showing in last year playoffs, but in the end they won’t be able to compete.  The Hornets are an interesting team with the addition of Lance Stephenson.  I think they will have a great year this year.  The Heat still have Wade and Bosh who experience in the playoffs with two championship rings.  If the Knicks can figure out Phil’s triangle offense, and Melo can become more efficient, they could sneak into the playoffs as a 7 or 8 seed.  I’m rooting for that to happen, as well as rooting for Melo to bring back the corn rows.

melo corn rows


The West is different then the East. Much different. There are a lot of teams that can compete in the West. When Durant comes back the Thunder will be a championship contender.  Durant and Westbrook need a supporting cast however.  Reggie Jackson and Jeremy Lamb will be a key to the Thunder’s success in the playoffs.  Also Steve Adams will be a key player coming down the stretch. His ability to block shots and rebound will be very important in the playoffs.  The Thunder should not rush back Durant. He needs to be healthy for the playoffs and I believe Russell can carry the team just fine while Durant recovers.  He always shows up to the game in style.

westbrook style

The defending champs are back with almost the same roster that won them an NBA Championship last year.  One problem is that they aged a year.  A year is a lot to Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. Even though they are getting older, I think Greg Popovich will monitor minutes carefully.  NBA Finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard aka “The Truth”, will be a star in the NBA in a couple years.  Boris Diaw is one of the best passing big men in the game.  The Spurs in the draft got a 6″8 small forward out of UCLA who can do everything on the floor in Kyle Anderson.  If Duncan wins another ring, he needs to be in the conversation for greatest of all time.  I want him to retire soon though so that the Pop/Duncan 30 for 30 can be created. Together they have this many rings…

pop counting rings

Besides the Thunder and Spurs from the West, I see the Clippers, Warriors and Trail Blazers competing to get to the NBA Championship.  Without further ado, here are my predictions for the upcoming NBA season.


1 Cavs over 8 Knicks in 5

2 Bulls over Nets 7 in 4

3 Wizards over 6 Raptors in 7

5 Heat over 4 Hornets in 6

1 Cavs over 5 Heat in 6

2 Bulls over Wizards in 7

1 Cavs over 2 Bulls in 7


1 Spurs over 8 Mavs in 4

2 Clippers over 7 Grizzlies in 6

6 Thunder over 3 Warriors in 7

4 Trail Blazers over Rockets in 6

1 Spurs over 4 Trail Blazers in 6

2 Clippers over 6 Thunder in 7

1 Spurs over 2 Clippers in 7

NBA Finals:

1 Cavs over 1 Spurs in 6


One thought on “NBA Preview and Predictions

  1. You are a terrible Knicks fan… You leave your team out of the playoff race in your predictions. At least throw them in there at 8 over a Pierceless nets


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