Week 5 AEPI Fantasy Football Recap


  1. Siegel Bros (5-0) 126.68 vs. Nick/Shappy (4-1) 109.00

Week 5 was the first week of this fantasy football season that saw a very important matchup that would determine who is at the top of the standings. This is a Siegel world, and we’re just living in it. Besides the poor grammar, the Siegel Bros are dominating all aspects of life. Josh is crushing PwC, Jesse is crushing bitches, and recently was selected to represent our fraternity on the floor at THON. Now they are crushing fantasy football. Absolute heroism. There was nothing Nick and Shappy could have done here. Devonta Freeman with another big week. DeAndre Hopkins is a target monster in a shitty Houston Texans offense. I don’t see any signs of letting up from the Siegels here.

siegelgiphy (1)

2. Boltuch/Schefkind (2-3) 125.82 vs. Tom is a God (3-2) 133.10

Philip Rivers goes all Philip Rivers on Monday Night football and Melvin Gordon just does enough to give Feldman and Spo the victory over Boltuch/Schefkind. Feldman and Spo needed a combined 23 points from Rivers and Gordon on Monday Night and they got 31. Boltuch/Schefkind would have liked to have this one as they head into Manalapan, a familiar territory for Schefkind, next week against he undefeated Siegel Bros.

Tomgiphy (2)

3. Jonesin’ for Cobbler (2-3) 68.44 vs. Conglomerate (3-2) 101.12

Breaking News: We have a pending trade between Bmay/Freeman and Corey/Kasan. Another sub 70 point week and injuries have Bmay and Freeman rushing to make changes. Bmay/Freeman will send Jarvis Landry to Altman/Kasan for Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell pending a commissioner review. The Conglomerate didn’t really have a good week either, but they caught Bmay and Freeman in a little bit of a spell. The usual sports savy couple are looking for Chris Ivory to add a spark this team. Bmay certainly thinks Ivory will be a star.

bmaygiphy (3)

4. Oysters Clams Cockles (3-2) 143.42 vs. Josh’s Okay Team (2-3) 103.62

That’s a two game win streak for team Glauser/Deming as they tell Uey and Bernie to eat 40 cockles this week in a 40 point victory. Glauser and Deming put up the most points in the league this week in an impressive 143 point week. Team CPA was led by great weeks from Arob, Bradford, Forsett, Dion Lewis, and Cooks. Just an all around team effort. They look to continue their win streak against Mitchell/Grossman.


5. LehrerStig (1-4) 124.26 vs. BringBackChefRich (2-3) 102.74

Wowwwww. First win of the season for the LehrerStig. An embarrassing defeat by Mitchell/Grossman who are now spiraling into a 3 game losing streak. This matchup had comedy show implications as AK/Jones now have sole possession of last place after a loss to Altman/Kasan. Good to see you Andre Johnson, Frank Gore and Antonio Gates. LehrerStig is riding high after their first victory of the season.

lehrerstiggiphy (4)


6. T.Y. Milton (3-2) 133.94 vs. Free Brady (0-5) 92.00

For the second straight week, T.Y. Milton is the winner of the Toyota Biggest Blowout of the Week. Now on a 3 game win streak, the defending champs are in a rhythm. Ever since the return of first round pick, Leveon Bell, Altman/Kasan have been clicking. Now with the recent acquisition of Jarvis Landry, their WR core is set. Led by Rodgers and Bell, T.Y. Milton will be a tough beat every week. Ak/Jones are already starting to plan for next year and might have to start planning their comedy show routine as well.

giphy (5)giphy (6)


Bracketology Seeds 1-4 and Teams with Upset Potential

1 Seeds

Kentucky, Virginia, Villanova, Gonzaga

The Wildcats could very well go undefeated this year considering how mediocre the SEC is a conference in college basketball. It was great to see them finding ways to win in their overtime and double overtime match ups against Ole Miss and at Texas A&M. What is scary about them is that there isn’t one guy averaging more than 12 points a game. They can beat you in so many ways and most importantly they play defense. Along with Kentucky, the Virginia Cavaliers are playing great basketball. Led by returning Juniors, Malcolm Brogdon and James Anderson, the ACC Champs are showing the country that they will be hard to beat in the tournament. The Cavaliers already have two impressive road wins at Maryland and at Notre Dame, but will have more challenges ahead in the tough ACC. If Nova and Gonzaga are one seeds in the tournament, I can see both losing before they reach the elite eight. The play in crappy conferences and are not dominant teams. Wouldn’t be surprised if Gonzaga got upset by Pepperdine tonight.

2 Seeds

Duke, Louisville, Wisconsin, Kansas

Duke started off 2015 with losses at home to Miami and on the road to NC State. If the Blue Devils play teams that can score with them, and can spread out Jahlil Okafor to the three point line, they can be easily beaten. Duke does have a good ratio of experienced seniors to go with their young stars. Amile Jefferson, Quinn Cook, and Rasheid Sulaimon will have to put the youngsters on their backs for Duke to go far in March. Big game on Saturday at Louisville, which will tell us where Duke is at in the ACC. Louisville has had some trouble scoring the basketball against good teams, so Duke may match up will against the Cardinals. The Cardinals played Kentucky well at home, but couldn’t leave with a W. They aren’t blowing out teams like they should be, which could also be a cause for concern. Montrez Harrell is a beast though and is a lot of fun to watch on the court. I hate Wisconsin in the NCAA tournament despite their long run last year. They seem to always underperform in the tournament because of their conservative style of play. I can see Kansas climbing to a one seed by the end of the year, but they will need to get through a tough Big 12 conference.

3 Seeds

Utah, Arizona, Notre Dame, Maryland

I think these 3 seeds are very dangerous. Utah and Arizona have a huge game tomorrow night in Tempe. Utah has started off their conference schedule by blowing out UCLA, USC, Colorado and Arizona St. Arizona has a loss already at Oregon State. These teams really only have to deal with each other in a mediocre Pac 12 conference. Stanley Johnson for Arizona and Delon Wright for Utah are top 5 players in the country. In the end, I think both these teams will be three seeds, but will be tough outs in the tournament. Notre Dame is the most efficient offensive team in the country. The team is shooting as a whole 53% from the field and average the 11th most points per game at 82.1. They played Virginia very well at home, but lost by 6. I think they are easily the 4th best team in the ACC behind Virginia, Duke, and Louisville. Impressive wins against Michigan State and at UNC. Maryland is making a splash in the Big Ten. The newly arrived Terps will give Wisconsin a run at the best team in the Big Ten. Melo Trimble and Dez Wells are a great pair on the court. They are not going to be a 2 seed, the best they can do is a 3 seed. They get Wisconsin at home Feb 24th.

4 Seeds

Wichita State, Iowa State, West Virginia, VCU

These 4 seeds will not be the same come March. Wichita State is returning the majority of their starters from last years #1 seeded team. Unfortunately they ran into Kentucky in the second round. Wichita is in a much improved Missouri Valley conference this year. Northern Iowa is ranked and teams like Illinois State and Evansville are not going to be walks in the park. Iowa State and West Virginia to me are number 2 and 3 behind Kansas in a very deep Big 12 conference, but come the end of the season, this could change. I could see Baylor and Oklahoma being 4 seeds by the end of the season too. Iowa State gets Kansas at home tomorrow. VCU played a tough out of conference schedule this year with losses to two potential one seeds Virginia and Villanova. However, this will most certainly help them out in A 10 play. VCU can’t get a higher seed than this.

Mid-Majors Poised for Upsets in March

After following college basketball as closely as I do, I have come up with a list of 5 mid major teams that I can see as 9-14 seeds that could win 1 or 2 games in the tournament come March. Here are the 5 teams. This list will change weekly.

1. A 10 – Dayton

2. Conference USA – Louisiana Tech

3. Southland – Sam Houston State

4. Big Sky – Eastern Washington

5. Ohio Valley – Murray State Racers

Surprises and Disappointments of an Early NBA Season


Surprises: Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors

I think we all knew the Heat were a playoff team going into the year with the experience of Wade and Bosh and the signing of Luol Deng. But did we think they were going to be as good as they are now? With two big wins at the beginning of the year against the Raptors and Wizards, the Heat have made a statement in saying that they are not going let these much younger and very talented teams move up in the east easily. Wade has been saying that he feels as healthy as ever, Bosh is averaging a double double per game, and Luol Deng is averaging almost 16 points a game. The Heat also went into Dallas and beat the Mavericks by 9 in a game in which they were 8 point underdogs. Erik Spoelstra has to be happy about the Heat’s start to the season.


Jason Kidd means business in Milwaukee. The Bucks are the 3rd best defensive team in the league at the start of the year, allowing just 92 points per game. 8 games in the Bucks are at .500 and are 2-0 against the western conference, the big win coming against the undefeated Memphis Grizzlies. However, they are 0-3 against top eastern conference teams. The Bucks will need to win against the cream of the crop in the east if they want to be in playoff contention at the end of the year. Playing good defense will help them achieve that goal. Good job so far in Milwaukee.

bucks good job

The Raptors are the team to beat in the east right now with Derrick Rose playing every other game for the Bulls and the Cavs trying to figure out what they are doing on the court. Kyle Lowry could put up a triple double on any given night and DeMar DeRozan is bringing back the days of Vince Carter or Tracy McGrady to Toronto. The Raptors have the leagues best offense averaging 107 points per game and the leagues 8th best defense letting up only 96 points per game. Coming over from the Mavericks in 2011, head coach Dwayne Casey has turned the Raptors from a no name team in the east, to a team competing for the top spot. Tonight, we will see if the Raptors can compete with the best in the east when they face the Bulls on TNT.

The rock raptors

Disappointments: Cleveland Cavaliers, Charlotte Hornets, New York Knicks

What a mess we have in Cleveland. Reports have already surfaced of Kevin Love interested in leaving to go to LA, Lebron and Kyrie have struggled to work together, and David Blatt looks like he has no control of what his team is doing on the court. Granted, it is only 6 games into the season and we should expect to give them time to adjust to each other. However, if Love is talking about leaving already, then there’s definitely more issues in Cleveland then we think. The Cavs have started out 3-3 and are not playing defense, which is something that we should expect them to be doing if their offense isn’t clicking. They are 25th worst in the NBA averaging giving up 103 points per game. It will be interesting to see how the next couple weeks go in Cleveland.

We all thought the Charlotte Hornets were going to be good this year right? After signing the triple double threat Lance Stephenson, the Hornets were going to be a playoff team in the east right? Kemba Walker is going to be the next Russell Westbrook right? Wrong so far. Kemba and Lance have started off the year cold shooting both 39% and 32% respectively and Al Jefferson isn’t the double double machine we saw last year only 7 rebounds per game. Along with that the Hornets aren’t playing much defense letting up 99 points per game. MJ can’t be too excited about the Hornets start to the year. We may see him put on a uniform if these numbers aren’t improved after another sub .500 2 weeks.

The Knicks suck. Being a New York Knicks fan is the worst thing in the world. They never play good basketball. Phil must be cringing in his office watching the Knicks trying to execute the triangle offense. It seems like no one knows their job on the court. The Knicks have started out 2-6 and sport the 3 worst offense in the league. You would think with Carmelo Anthony that this couldn’t be possible, but Melo’s offensive efficiency is awful in every game he plays. I’ve never seen anything more classic than a 8 for 20 or 9 for 22 night shooting from Melo. He can’t seem to get to 42 or 43% shooting ever. He is, however improving his rebounding and assists numbers, which means he’s helping out his teammates more. For the Knicks to be in contention for the playoffs, Melo needs to be more efficient and the team needs to figure out how to run the triangle correctly.


Surprises: Sacramento Kings, Houston Rockets, Memphis Grizzlies

With victories against the Suns, Clippers and Blazers, the Sacramento Kings are the most surprising team in the west. The Kings have started off 5-3 and look like they are going to be in it in the west this year. They don’t seem to be missing Isaiah Thomas who was traded to the Suns in the offseason. Darren Collison has came in as a replacement and has taken charge of the offense.  Along with that, DeMarcus Cousins is an early MVP candidate, and Rudy Gay is all over the court. They are also taking the ball to the whole very nicely and are averaging 36 free throw attempts per game. If they keep taking the ball nicely to the whole, and drawing fouls, the Kings should be a tough beat in the west.

kings derrick williams

The Houston Rockets are playing well together and are playing some defense at the start of the season. James Harden has added the assist to his stat line averaging over 7 a game. Dwight Howard is averaging a double double and is blocking 2 shots a game. Trevor Ariza and Terrence Jones are providing some quality minutes for the team. The Rockets were 6-0 until they ran into the sharp shooting Warriors. They are the NBA’s second best defensive team right behind the team at the top of the west, the Memphis Grizzlies. Dwight deserves a cookie for the Rockets nice start to the season.

dwight cookie

The top team in the West is the Memphis Grizzlies after 8 games. The Grizzlies are playing the best defense in the NBA letting up 89 points per game. The duo of Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph are unstoppable down low on offense and they aren’t letting up any easy baskets in the paint. The Grizzlies have started off well, but they have not played any good competition except for an 11 point win against the Suns. We’ll see how they fare against the Rockets this Monday.

fat grizzlies fan

Disappointments: Los Angeles Clippers, San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Lakers

Prior to the start of the NBA season, the Clippers were one of my picks to reach the western conference finals. Now, I don’t see them as much of a contender in the West. With only one quality win against the Blazers and embarrassing losses in which they were leading going into the 4th against the Spurs and Kings, the Clippers are not playing good basketball. A team led by Chris Paul and coached by Doc Rivers should thrive in the 4th quarter not get worse. Blake Griffin is averaging under 7 rebounds a game and isn’t being very efficient for a big man, shooting 47% from the field. For the Clippers to be at the top of the west, Chris Paul needs to be more aggressive on offense and look for his shot more and Blake needs to be more fundamentally sound in the paint.

The Spurs aren’t really that much of a disappointment, but a 4-3 is not the start to the season you should see from a defending champion. The Spurs look old and not really in sync yet. There offense is 23rd in the NBA averaging 95 points per game. Two big wins against the Warriors and Clippers could turn things around. I have full confidence that the Spurs will still be at the top of the west as the number 1 seed when the season is over.

Last Thursday night, Charles Barkley was quoted on TNT in saying, “I will not eat until the Lakers win a basketball game.” I think the idea of Charles not having a meal motivated the Lakers as they got their first win against the disappointing Charlotte Hornets on Sunday. After their win, forward Ed Davis had something to say to Charles.

ed davis tweet

There are so many issues with this Laker team. To start they should have never offered Kobe the max contract they did a couple years ago. Jeremy Lin is overpaid as well. The Lakers don’t have a very good supporting cast to help Kobe, and thus Kobe ends up channeling is inner Allen Iverson every game, trying to make something out of nothing on the court. The Lakers are screwed for many years to come until Kobe’s contract is over or until the Lakers sign their next superstar.

NCAA Needs To Pay College Athletes

Imagine putting in long hours at your job, and not getting paid for the value you create for that company you work for. Along with this, imagine your managers and other superiors basking in the rewards that come from your hard work. Well, this is what is happening to college athletes today and has been happening for over a century. College athletes are at the mercy of the National Collegiate Athletic Association or the NCAA and it is time that they get fairly compensated for the value they create for their universities. In this speech, I will focus on college football and basketball, the two big moneymakers for the NCAA. I will share with you the history of the NCAA, the problems that arise from the NCAA’s regulations, and my solutions to fixing the collegiate sports environment.

First, here’s a brief history of the NCAA. According to the Tennessee Journal of Business Law in an article about college athletics, the NCAA was formed in 1906 in response to a growing number of injuries and deaths among college football players that spawned from both a lack of protective rules in the game and a failure to enforce the rules that were in place. This was the perfect timing for the NCAA form as a golden age of college sports began in the early 1900’s and college athletics became a national obsession. With the huge rise in collegiate sports, especially college football, the NCAA saw this as an opportunity to enforce powerful regulations that would ensure their power over the collegiate sports environment. According to an article titled “All Play No Pay” by Jack Winters Bolesta from the Maryland Law Review, during the mid 1900’s the NCAA became an economic cartel, setting firm prices on the inputs of compensation of student-athletes, limiting recruiting efforts including advertising to attract recruits, and restricting output by fixing the amount of seasons each athlete could play.

Now, some people may argue that the scholarship that they student athlete gets when deciding to go to school to play sports is enough compensation. For those of you that don’t know, a full time scholarship covers free tuition, free room and board, and no college fees.. At Penn State for the Fall 2014/Spring 2015 year, this would be around $34,000, which is a lot of money. However, according to the NCAA’s filings in 2013, Penn State’s revenues from football were over $52 million. Before the scandal in 2011, revenues were around $66 million. An even bigger number than that is $6 billon, which is what the NCAA made as a whole in 2013. According to the Notre Dame Law Review in an article titled “Sports and Antitrust,” the main argument that the NCAA has to not paying student athletes is that these students are “amateur” athletes and their amateur status doesn’t warrant them compensation.

Not only does the NCAA’s Manual have rules against universities paying student athletes, but there are also rules prohibiting student athletes from earning outside income. Student athletes are first college students just like everyone in this room, and we all have something important in common. That is that we are all broke. Unlike college athletes though, we can go out and get a job. College athletes don’t have that luxury because being an athlete is their full time job. Some choose though to make money off of their reputation as a college athlete, but because of the NCAA, this is illegal. Every year, there are college athletes that get caught selling autographed merchandise and memorabilia and as a result, the athlete gets suspended and in some extreme cases, the athlete gets expelled. According to a study conducted by ESPN.com, 31% of former student athletes claimed to have take part in illegal activities of selling merchandise or memorabilia. While this is happening, universities all across the country are selling the jerseys of their student of their most known student athletes and they are receiving $0 from these sales. Some student athletes are living in poverty while they are not allowed to make any money off playing for their school while their school makes millions.

According to the Journal of Negro Education, from interviews with former Division I football and basketball student athletes, many people felt as if they were “used goods”. Collegiate sports open many doors for student athletes, but because of NCAA and the universities that are apart of the NCAA, the student athlete’s development is being hindered. In the interviews that were conducted, many student athletes claimed that the universities they attended didn’t emphasize the importance of their education as much as they did their athletic performance. The overwhelming majority of student athletes do not make it to professional sports after college and after 4 years of being a student athlete, many of them graduate with a degree in an unimportant field or a field they are not interested in. The student athletes that do go pro often leave school too early to go make the big bucks and forego their college degree. When their time as a professional athlete is over, many of them don’t have a college degree to fall back on and don’t know what to do with the millions of dollars they have to their name.

So, I have told you about some of the problems that arise from the NCAA’s regulations, now I want to propose to you my solution. Obviously the main part of my proposed solution is that you pay the athletes! I propose that each athlete be paid a certain amount of money a year and the amount should be different for every sport depending on how much that sport makes for the university. Every student athlete, from football to golf should get paid. Along with this, for the more popular sports like football and basketball, I propose the NCAA to allow for student athlete unions to be formed to look out for the student athletes and to fight for them whenever they feel that the NCAA is unfairly mistreating them. Also, I think the NCAA needs to put programs in place that teach student athletes how to manage their financials because the ones that go pro, don’t know how to manage their millions.

NFL Week 7 Sunday and Monday Night Football Recap

Falcons 7

Ravens 29 (-7.5)

This game was dominated by the Ravens from the start.  Flacco is playing well as of late.  Baltimore defense came with pressure and wasn’t letting Matt Ryan get comfortable in the pocket.  Ravens now 5-2 and in first in the AFC North.  Torrey Smith (3 rec, 81 yds, 1 td) and Roddy White (9 rec, 100 yds, 1 td) both with solid performances.

ravens dance

Titans 17

Redskins 19 (-5.5)

It wasn’t RGIII nor Kirk Cousins who led the game winning drive against the Titans.  It was Colt McCoy! McCoy replaced Kirk Cousins at QB in the second half. Redskins win it on a 22 yard field goal by Kai Forbath with time expiring.  Titans kept it close the whole way and covered on the road. Pierre Garcon (5 rec, 87 yds, 1 td) and Kendall Wright (6 rec, 68 yds, 1 td) both with solid performances. QB situation in Washington is messy.

Seahawks 26 (-7.5)

Rams 28

Rams pull off a shocker at home against their division rival Seahawks.  Austin Davis had a near perfect game (18/21, 1 td). Tre Mason ran the ball well against the Seattle front 7.  Rams pulled off a two trick plays on special teams that made Pete Carroll look like he was Mike Tyson coaching on the sidelines (see highlights below).  Russell Wilson becomes the first QB in history to throw for over 300 yards and rush for over 100 yards in a game in a loss. The Super Bowl champs looked like they missed Percy Harvin out on the field and are now a mediocre 3-3 in the NFC West.

(fake punt return) http://nfl.cpl.delvenetworks.com/player/carousel/bleacher.html?channelId=de89a8aeb3e422bac4eb48567f10ebd0&channelListId&mediaId=82784093a7bc4427b60bac5501b93251

(fake punt) http://www.stlouisrams.com/videos/videos/Rams-Fake-Punt-Seals-Victory/6822ba3f-fd71-4f4e-ab2e-592730db9c97

Browns 6 (-5.5)

Jaguars 24

Browns come back to reality against the Jaguars.  Blake Bortles gets his first win as a QB in the NFL. Doesn’t matter how many games he wins though because he’s winning in life by dating this chick named Lindsey Duke.  Pick up Allen Robinson in your fantasy leagues he is emerging as the Jaguars top receiver. Also former Michigan QB Dennard Robinson with 124 rushing yards and TD.

Bengals 0

Colts 27 (-3.5)

Bengals look like a totally different team on the road.  The Colts offense was clicking on all cylinders.  The two headed monster of Trent Richardson and Ahmad Bradshaw is starting to develop.  TY Hilton with another 100 yard receiving game.  Luck throws for 344 yards and 2 TDs.  Bengals get shut out.  No cold cuts for Jeremy Hill this week.

Vikings 16

Bills 17 (-5.5)

Bills win on a last minute TD from rookie Sammy Watkins.  He had 2 TD’s on the day to go along with 9 catches and 122 receiving yards.  Kyle Orton’s Bills are now 4-3.  Vikings ran the ball well, but in the end their defense could not win the game for them.  Bills loose both Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller to injury. Jackson will only be out for a couple weeks with a groin injury, but CJ is out for the year with a broken collarbone.  The Bills will now look to former Eagles running back Bryce Brown to carry the workload.

Dolphins 27

Bears 14 (-3.5)

Dolphins +3.5 on the road was the pick of the week.  Ryan Tannehill was nearly perfect (25/32, 277 yds, 2 TDs) against a Bears D that is very inconsistent.  The Bears need to get back on track and are now 3-4.  After the game Brandon Marshall called out Jay Cutler’s performance on the field to which Jay Cutler shook his head in a “i don’t give a shit” kinda way.jay cutler shits

Saints 23

Lions 24 (-1.5)

Lions come back from 17-3 to win this one.  Brees threw a pick in his own territory with less than 4 minutes to go in the game and Stafford capitalized with a go ahead TD to Corey Fuller with almost 2 minutes left.  Saints now 0-4 on the road. Golden Tate with a hugeee game in Calvin Johnson’s absence with 10 catches for 154 yards and a TD.

Panthers 17

Packers 38 (-7.5)

Packers win in commanding fashion against a beat up Panthers squad.  Rodgers surgically removed the Panthers D for 255 yards and 3 TDs.  Randall Cobb had 6 catches for 121 yards and TD. Jordy Nelson also had a TD.  Packers now 5-2 and 3-0 in Lambeau Field.

lambeau leep

Chiefs 23

Chargers 20 (-3.5)

Chiefs win on a 48 yard field goal by Brazilian born kicker Cairo Santos with 21 seconds left in the game.  Alex Smith didn’t make any mistakes, Jamaal Charles ran well (95 yards, 1 TD), and the Chiefs defense held Phillip Rivers in check.  Antonio Gates had another TD for the Chargers proving that he most certainly is a factor despite his old age.

Cardinals 24 (-3.5)

Raiders 13

Cardinals cover easily on the road.  Nothing stood out in this match except for the Cardinals d, but they played the Raiders so who cares really. Cardinals are now 5-1 and in the lead in the NFC West over the Seahawks and 49ers.

Giants 21

Cowboys 31 (-6.5)

Giants needed to win this one off of the terrible loss to the Eagles last week.  They are falling in the NFC East standings. Cowboys improve to 6-1, and look like the team to beat in the NFC.  DeMarco Murray becomes the first running back ever to have 100 yards rushing in his first 7 games of the season and is my candidate for MVP almost halfway through the season. America’s team is looking like a complete football team. Dez Bryant had a huge day with 9 catches for 151 yards. Eli played a great game with 3 TDs and 0 picks, but ends up on the losing side.

eli pissed

49ers 17

Broncos 42 (-7)

Congratulations to Mr. Peyton Manning, the best QB of all time, on his record for most TD’s thrown in history.  I can seriously say that I’ve never seen anyone play the QB position like he does.  He is the best at preparing for a defense and he makes his entire WR and TE core better.  Demariyus Thomas said before the game that he has been trained by Peyton Manning. That’s really what Peyton does to his receivers.  He tells them how to run their routes and where the ball will be placed and he executes perfectly.  It has been a pleasure to watch Peyton all these years and its a great knowing that he will be on the field for more years to come.  This game was all Peyton as the Broncos blowout the 49ers on Sunday night.

Texans 23

Steelers 30 (-3.5)

Besides Big Ben’s fumble, he was perfect in this one. Too many mistakes by the Texans with one interception thrown by Ryan Fitzpatrick and fumbles by Arian Foster and Deandre Hopkins.  Steelers scored points off of all those turnovers.  They scored 24 points in the last 3:08 of the first half.  I feel bad for JJ Watt. The man is a beast and is the only defense the Texans have without Jadaveon Clowney.  Antonio Brown not only caught 9 catches for 90 yards, but he also threw a 3 yard TD pass.

antonio brown

NBA Preview and Predictions

Basketball preseason has started and Vegas has come out with their over/under win totals for each team this year.  Based on their numbers, here are what the standings would be in the East and West.  With Durant out for 6-8 weeks, the Thunder over/under win total is going to change.

East                                                  West:

1. Cavs                                                   1. Spurs

2. Bulls                                                  2. Thunder

3. Wizards                                            3. Clippers

4. Raptors                                             4. Warriors

5. Hornets                                             5. Rockets

6. Heat                                                  6. Mavericks

7. Hawks                                               7. Trail Blazers

8. Nets                                                  8. Grizzlies


The East this year will be dominated by the Cavs and the Bulls who will be in a foot race for the top seed heading into the playoffs in the East.  Both teams went out this offseason and improved tremendously in free agency, in the draft, and have gotten healthy.  The Cavs look scary on paper.  Lebron basically got a younger and more athletic big 3 in Cleveland.  Kyrie is a better scorer and finisher, especially in transition, then Wade is.  He can take the ball to the basket strong and can pull up from 3, which is something that Wade lacked.  K. Love is a perfect compliment to Lebron and Kyrie.  He can rebound better than Bosh and play the pick and roll better.  You can’t sleep on Varajeo and Waiters either, as both can put up double digits any given game.  King James is happy about his team and looking forward to winning another title, this time for his hometown of Cleveland.

lebron smiling

Former MVP Derrick Rose is healthy and back in action for the Bulls for the start of the season.  I think Drose will never be the same as his was his MVP year after having multiple knee surgeries.  However, its not just the return of Drose that has Chicago excited about their team this year.  The Bulls went out this offseason and signed Pau Gasol and drafted scoring big man Doug McDermott from Creighton.  The Pau/Joakim frontcourt combination could be a nightmare for defenses.  Two big man who know how to pass the ball and have good footwork in the paint will result in a lot of easy buckets for the Bulls this season.  Also Jimmy Butler is coming off of a career year and should keep improving.

drose sick layup

Thats just sick^

I don’t see any teams in the East competing with the Bulls or Cavs come playoff time.  The Wizards have a young, talented team and had a solid showing in last year playoffs, but in the end they won’t be able to compete.  The Hornets are an interesting team with the addition of Lance Stephenson.  I think they will have a great year this year.  The Heat still have Wade and Bosh who experience in the playoffs with two championship rings.  If the Knicks can figure out Phil’s triangle offense, and Melo can become more efficient, they could sneak into the playoffs as a 7 or 8 seed.  I’m rooting for that to happen, as well as rooting for Melo to bring back the corn rows.

melo corn rows


The West is different then the East. Much different. There are a lot of teams that can compete in the West. When Durant comes back the Thunder will be a championship contender.  Durant and Westbrook need a supporting cast however.  Reggie Jackson and Jeremy Lamb will be a key to the Thunder’s success in the playoffs.  Also Steve Adams will be a key player coming down the stretch. His ability to block shots and rebound will be very important in the playoffs.  The Thunder should not rush back Durant. He needs to be healthy for the playoffs and I believe Russell can carry the team just fine while Durant recovers.  He always shows up to the game in style.

westbrook style

The defending champs are back with almost the same roster that won them an NBA Championship last year.  One problem is that they aged a year.  A year is a lot to Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. Even though they are getting older, I think Greg Popovich will monitor minutes carefully.  NBA Finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard aka “The Truth”, will be a star in the NBA in a couple years.  Boris Diaw is one of the best passing big men in the game.  The Spurs in the draft got a 6″8 small forward out of UCLA who can do everything on the floor in Kyle Anderson.  If Duncan wins another ring, he needs to be in the conversation for greatest of all time.  I want him to retire soon though so that the Pop/Duncan 30 for 30 can be created. Together they have this many rings…

pop counting rings

Besides the Thunder and Spurs from the West, I see the Clippers, Warriors and Trail Blazers competing to get to the NBA Championship.  Without further ado, here are my predictions for the upcoming NBA season.


1 Cavs over 8 Knicks in 5

2 Bulls over Nets 7 in 4

3 Wizards over 6 Raptors in 7

5 Heat over 4 Hornets in 6

1 Cavs over 5 Heat in 6

2 Bulls over Wizards in 7

1 Cavs over 2 Bulls in 7


1 Spurs over 8 Mavs in 4

2 Clippers over 7 Grizzlies in 6

6 Thunder over 3 Warriors in 7

4 Trail Blazers over Rockets in 6

1 Spurs over 4 Trail Blazers in 6

2 Clippers over 6 Thunder in 7

1 Spurs over 2 Clippers in 7

NBA Finals:

1 Cavs over 1 Spurs in 6

NFL Sunday Recap

Sports is at a great moment in the year right now. Football takes over the weekend, playoff baseball is very exciting to watch, and basketball is right around the corner. Yeah hockey is too. With all the sports happening, I decided to start this blog to talk about the entertainment and intensity of the sports world. First off, everything you need to know about the NFL from week 5.

1:00 Games

Bears 24

Panthers 31 (-3)

Panthers covered home behind Mr. Cam Newton. Robbie Gould missed a 35 yard field goal at the end of the first half.  I was hitting it from 45 at the field the other day, come on Robbie.  Fantasy impacts come from Forte and Alshon each with TD’s and Greg Olsen with 2.

Browns 29 (-1)

Titans 28

These are the games you just give a golf clap to Vegas for. Two shitty teams and they get it perfect. Browns come back from 25 down to win. If you had anyone starting in fantasy on either of these teams, you should reevaluate your team. Ben Tate did come back from injury this week with 123 rushing yards. Good sign.

Rams 28

Eagles 34 (-6)

*golf clap* Eagles 4-1. Go Birds.  Fantasy impact from the Eagles Defense who had 2 Tds off of 3 fumble recoveries and 4 sacks.

leasean mccoy gif

Falcons 20

Giants 30 (-4)

Another win for the NFC East. G-men cover easily at home. The offense has looked like its fixed the problems it had in the first two games. Andre Williams and Odell Beckham both looked solid. There are happy Giants fans this week as the G-men are on a three game win streak.  Falcons 0-3 on the road absolute losers. Fantasy impacts from Julio Jones (11 rec, 102 yds) and Eli who had an efficient day with No picks wow!

Buccaneers 31

Saints 37 (-11)

This game went into OT.  11 points is too much to be giving in any division matchup.  Bucks cover on the road.  Saints are not looking good at all this year.  Jimmy Graham left the game early as well.  Brees threw the ball 57 times and threw 3 picks.  Both these teams will not be in the playoff race this year.  Fantasy impacts from Vjax who finally showed up this week with 144 yards receiving and the Pierre Thomas/Khiry Rhobinson duo both with touchdowns.

Texans 17

Cowboys 20 (-6)

Another overtime game this week and another win for the NFC East. The Battle of Texas was closer then you think. Texans cover on the road. Two fumbles from Dallas and Arian Foster made this a game.  Demarco Murray is no fluke with another 100 yard rushing game. Dallas is winning with running the football so far this year.

Bills 17

Lions 14 (-6)

Lions were not even a touchdown favorite that was really sketchy. The Kyle Orton led Bills pull off the upset on the road. They are now 3-2 and 2-1 on the road.  Megatron left after his first catch of the game, but walked off on his own power.  Sammy Watkins looks like the real deal and had an insane catch at the end of the game (87 rec yds). Golden Tate with 8 rec, 134 yds, 1 TD line in the absence of Calvin.

Ravens 13

Colts 20 (-3)

Colts cover at home in a game in which Andrew Luck threw the ball 49 times. This was mostly a defensive battle.  Luck said after the game, “you expect things not go as expected against the Ravens.  If we have expectations then we would expect to lose in the game.” I could have said that better and I didn’t go to Stanford. Props to him though on a 13 yard rushing touchdown today.  The man knows how to win and yes he will most likely stop for dessert after this one.  No standout fantasy performances.

Andrew Luck ice cream

Steelers 17 (-7)

Jaguars 9

Steelers barely cover on the road. Blake Bortles looked like a headless chicken out on the field. He had no control over the game. Another defensive battle.  Shoutout to Allen Robinson who had another solid game at 57 rec yards and 5 catches. I think I saw the terrible towel make its way to the pool area in Everbank Stadium in Jacksonville.  At least the fans can chill by the pool area when their team doesn’t put the ball in the endzone.  No standout fantasy performances.

4:00 Games

Jets 0

Chargers 31 (-7)

Chargers cover easily at home.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Jets play well in the west coast. Chargers have someone wearing #43 but its not Darren Sproles.  Some guy named Brendon Oliver had 186 all purpose yards and 2 TD’s. Everyone pick this man up. Jets actually went to Vick today for the second half after Geno sucking more in the first half. Neither could get anything done.  Maybe we should go with Matt Simms. Antonio Gates has resurrected from the dead with 2 TDs. Jets look forward to easy matchups against Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in the next two weeks.

Cardinals 20

Broncos 41 (-8.5)

Broncos cover easily at home. Classic Peyton win with 479 yards passing.  Record breaking days for both Peyton and Demariyus Thomas.  Peyton is now only the 2nd QB in history with 500 TD passes (Brett Favre is the other). Demariyus broke the single game receiving yards record (226 yds) for a Broncos organization who has seen a lot of good receivers.  Great games from all the Broncos receivers and Andre Ellington with a TD and 136 all purpose yards for the Cardinals.

Chiefs 17

49ers 22 (-6)

Chiefs keep this one close and cover on the road in San Francisco.  Alex Smith and Colin Kapernick both did not have good games.  San Fran D came up big in the 4th quarter. Phil Dawson hits two field goals with under 8 minutes to play to win it.   Shoutout to Stevie Johnson whose 1 catch today was a 9 yard TD catch. Travis Kelce with another TD today and Frank Gore had a solid 107 yards rushing.

Sunday Night Game

Bengals 17 (-3)

Patriots 43

Tom Brady was a home underdog for the first time ever I think.  The Pats looked terrible Monday night last week against the Chiefs and rebound in this one.  The running game was established early and Brady was finding his receivers. Gronk had 100 yards and a TD. Stevan Ridley with 113 rushing yards and a TD.  AJ Green and Mohammed Sanu both with TD’s for the Bengals.  Tom still can’t find anyone to give him a high five after the win though.

brady loser